Because Love Unites Everything


BLUE exists Because Love Unites Everything. It is our philosophy and our goal.


About BLUE

Katherine Gidlow is a midwestern girl with a traveling spirit and bright ideas. In her 18 year career, she's worked in nearly every aspect of the floral world yet continues to find her way back to design. Why? Because it's her purpose.

Because love unites everything is a personal philosophy that I’ve been prescribed to since 2006. Five years into my career I began having broader thoughts about intention and purpose in my life and career. I became increasingly connected to my wedding projects. That recognition birthed this notion, and with it, an understanding that it was love that drew me so magnetically to my work. Love connects me with my clients and allows me to channel their special passion and bond into a one-of-a-kind floral experience.

So with this phrase in mind, because love unites everything, I created my signature symbol — 7 beads (goodwill for prosperous future) in a circle (because we're all connected) with one in the center (representing love).