BLUE exists Because Love Unites Everything. It is our philosophy and our goal.

Hello! I'm Katherine and BLUE is my Floral Design Company based in Portland, Oregon.

I was born + raised in Kansas City, Missouri, but found my way onwards to Portland for new beginnings in 2009. In my 20 years in floral + event work I've nurtured my craft while gaining the wisdom necessary to embark on this creative adventure.

My design focus is holistic with deliberate observance of form, texture, scent, color, & season. I lean modern + refined but enjoy dipping into all design styles too. The harmony created within my botanicals is celebrated by clients. 

The perception of my environment creates an unending appreciation for the Pacific Northwest because of the bounty it provides. I'm inspired by the complexity of our landscape and thread those intrinsic qualities throughout my design.

My clients seek a particular vigilance that is reliably honest and honors their values at each turn. Having a proficiency of creating symmetry between vision and reality along with an unwavering commitment to each detail are decisive qualities recognized by my clients.

I apply sustainable practices to reduce the impact of event work on our environment by responsible design choices, sourcing locally, and a strong dedication to composition + recycling. BLUE is an inclusive company that embraces all people for their identities, ethnicities, and religions. I strive to create an environment that welcomes each couple.

To inquire about working with BLUE, connect with me through my contact page. 

-Katherine Gidlow