BLUE exists Because Love Unites Everything. It is our philosophy and our goal.

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Welcome! I’m Katherine and BLUE is my business.

About me: I’m an midwestern girl with a traveler’s spirit and am full of fresh, bright ideas. I’ve explored many paths, yet I continue to find my way back to floral design. Why? Because it's my purpose in this life and why I have joyfully created BLUE.

My floral style is clean and organic, modern-contemporary with a little bit of sass, edge and flair. Interesting textures and surprising color combinations leave me absolutely smitten while clean lines or the use of negative space grounds me. Living in the Pacific Northwest provides such a bounty of natural treasure and I wish to utilize it as much as possible. 

Like many creatives, I draw inspiration from sources within my environment. Whether it be a hike, thumbing a fashion rag, or a stroll through the streets of some new town, it’s all full of potential. I see that there is charm and grace in all things, so I believe my talent lies within the ability to transform this understanding into botanical art.

I’m proud that my floral career spans more than 18 years because through it I’ve developed a knack for blending my eye and expertise with a client’s vision to produce florals that capture and express their personality and spirit with stylish finesse, and I hope to do that for you!

About BLUE: BLUE is a floral design studio that was birthed from love and is rooted in growth. These are paramount values that I apply to all aspects of BLUE. 

I respect the environment and am hyper-aware of my carbon footprint, so I aim to create a closed-loop sustainable business. From recycling everything possible, to composting plant debris, to reusing water for my flower garden, and sourcing locally, I ensure that events I work on create as little impact on the environment as possible. 

BLUE is also a company focused on love, sustainability, inclusiveness and creativity. All people and their religions, identities and ethnicities are celebrated here. I take pride in the commitment to the smallest detail of every aspect of BLUE, which includes a precise intention of diversity within the people that I choose to be a part of BLUE.

Though my studio is located in Portland, I find myself traveling to far away places for projects as well. So if you're planning a special event and would like more information or would like to schedule a consultation, connect with me on my contact page and I'll get back to you within one business day.

Thanks for stopping by! Take care and be well,


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